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Lupo Abruzzese



It is better the preserved area of the appenninis, the national park of Abruzzo it is considered historian since founded in 1923; it extends itself for 43.900 hectares' and 60.000 hectares' of zone of external protection.


In its territory there are three small lakes among the mountains that go beyond the 2000 meters and of the wide wild forests with secular trees and rare plants. Here, even if it is not easy,it's possible to meet the bear marsicano, symbol of the park,and the wolf. While it's very easyto meet the chamoises and other inhabitants of the park: the kinds of mammals that live in this protected area are around 40, 300 the kinds of birds and around 30 the amphibians.

Orso Marsicano

Pride of the Park is the Scarpetta di Venere the greatest Italian orchid.
There are more than 150 paths, well traced and kept, that cross the park, but you can also visit the Museum of the Park to Pescasseroli, the museum of the wolf to Civitella Alfedena with the adjoining faunistic area and that of the lynx, the Museum of the Buck to Villavallelonga and the faunistic area of the chamois to Bisegna.

Orso Marsicano                Camoscio d'Abruzzo

The visit to the National Park of Abruzzo, with its landscapes and environments that vary with the spend of the seasons, it is always an occasion that offers great emotions. For worth of the moderate climate it is possible to visit the Park in every season.

Aquila Reale

The last results had by the persons responsible of the National Park of the Abruzzi are comforting: the most ancient of the parks of the mountain appenninica has had a fundamental role in the maintenance of some of the most important kinds of the great Italian fauna: brown bear marsicano, wolf, chamois, buck and roe, over the lynx. It would result in fact that from thirty years to this part the samples just quoted are decidedly increased.

Orso Marsicano

The reintroduction of the buck and the roe and the return of the wild boar have allowed the reconstitution, together with the great carnivores, of the native food chains.

Camosciara               Orso nella Camosciara

The brown bear marsicano, is strongly considered a diversified subspecies of the European brown bear and it is not very easy to meet. In the daytime the bears stay hidden in the more rent of the wood feeding of berries, bugs and other products and are active in the least warm hours than the day and at night.

Lupo Abruzzese

In the park it is more probable to meet small flocks or exemplary solitary of chamois of Abruzzi that are lovers of the tall quotas and the most impervious places of the mountain. It is not difficult then to meet the buck and the roe that, thanks to recent populations, have returned to live in the thick forests of the park.

Camoscio d'Abruzzo             Lupo

.Sporadic, unpredictable is the sighting of other animals as the wolf appenninico, the wild cat, the otter, the marten, , the rate and the skunk.


Very common are instead the fox, the hare, the mole, the curl and the weasel; enough you frequent the dormouse and the squirrel.

Lago di Barrea         Camosciara        gregge di pecore

The easiest animals to admire around for the park make part of the rich hauled fauna, that understands: the royal eagle, the buzzard, the real owl and the owl

Genziana           Ginestra

The future objectives of guardianship include the amplification of the Park in certain critical zones and the breeding and the reproduction of the kind in captivity, to study and to gradually experiment the possibility to bring again females with small to the wild life.

Giglio Rosso           Scarpetta di Venere

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