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The Regional Park of the Sirente-Velino has been founded by the Region Abruzzo in 1989, positioned to the center of the Appennini, it has a territorial extension of 60 000 hectares around, and it confines to west with the Lazio, to south with the Piana del Fucino and to north-north-east with the valley of the Aterno and the basin in L'Aquila.

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The name Velino it derives, according to Dionigi of Alicarnasso, from the Greek word Helos, swamp. In contrast with the arid actual environment, the thick one, to the beginning of the Quaternary era, it contained a series of lakes of high quota, whose traces make the landscape of the mountain suggestive. Its territory includes some of the more suggestive mountainous groups of the Appennino: the chain of the Velino Mountain, that of the Sirente Mountain, the Mountains of the Magnola and the group of the Ochre Mountain they constitute tops of it that overcomes the 2.000 meters of quota, among which it polls that some Mountain Velino (2.486 mt.), belonging to the homonym chain, third peak of the Appennino.

Sirente con neve             Pozzo Caldaio Rocca di Cambio

.Surrounded by the principal mountainous groups it is the highland of the Fortresses, sets to a quota of 1.200/1.400 meters, that entertains the famous tourist centers of Ovindoli, Rocca di Mezzo and Rocca di Cambio . In the territory of the Park the average Valley of the River Aterno is included, also that longitudinally crosses its oriental edge from Campana to Molina Aterno, and it is separate to north from the Basin in L' Aquila and to east from the Plain of Navelli from a mountainous system of 1.000-1200 meters altitude. A further edge of territory, southeast, includes the Valley Subequana, that flows toward south in the Basin Peligna.

Velino innevato             Paesaggio del Parco

The thick one is characterized by the traces of a series of lakes in quota existing in the quaternary period, that have left an enchanting landscape.
The phenomenons here of the karst are particularly remarkable and have produced the Caves of Stiffe, near S.Demetrio de' Vestini. An underground river, fed by the waters picked up by the inghiottitois of the vast highland carsico of the Fortresses it flows in the caves, with spectacular falls to the inside and the exit.

Paesaggio con chiesa            Sirente pascolo di mucche

The vegetation is particularly luxuriant, mind the fauna is represented by wolf, from the bear marsicano, from the wild cat, from the martens, from the eagle, from the hawk, from the woodpeckers.

Aquila Reale      Spinazzi blu      Picchio

In spring, on the highland of the Fortresses, you can be enjoyed the sight of boundless fields of narcissuses in flower, object of a festival that is held to Middle Fortress. In the zone of the park areas of notable historical and archaeological interest as the complex of Dawn Fucens and numerous castles are also found as that of they Conceal or the ruins of the Castle Of Ocre.

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